"I trust Mark to work with us on the local issues that are important to our community."

-Rohn Bishop, Waupun Mayor

"We need Mark's common sense conservative leadership to help our local businesses and Wisconsin economy thrive."

-Tim Michels, Brownsville Business Owner

"Mark is a strong partner for public safety and has successfully championed critical funding for our criminal justice system to ensure constitutional rights are protected and dangerous criminals are held accountable."

- Eric Toney, Fond du Lac County District Attorney

"Mark has fought for more local road funding.  The additional money has helped get more bridge and road projects done in Dodge County." 

-Jeff Caine, Dodge County Board Supervisor

Born For 37th Assembly

Forward with a Common Sense Conservative



Dairy Business Association

Legislative Excellence

Wisconsin Hospital Association

Health Care Advocate

League of WI Municipalities

Friend of the League 

Wisconsin Counties Association

Outstanding Legislator Award


local officials:

Eric Toney - Fond du Lac County District Attorney

Andrea Will - Dodge County District Attorney

Dale Schmidt - Dodge County Sheriff

Rohn Bishop - Waupun Mayor

Mike Wissell - Beaver Dam Mayor

Ken Ireland - Randolph Village President

Jack Yuds - Beaver Dam Common Council President

Mark Brieman - Town of Fox Lake Board

Jon Venhuizen - Fond du Lac County Board

Jeff Caine - Dodge County Board

Jon Plumer - State Representative

Michael Schraa - State Representative

community members:

Tim Michels

Joe & Barb Breaden

Owen & Christine Breitkreutz

John & June Butterbrodt

Dan & Susan Caine

Thomas & Debbie Castillo

Dorothy Ebert

Dennis Fleischer

Muriel Harper

Shirley Kitchen

Harvey Lewis

Elaine Muehlius

Mark Nehring

Mike & Kay Ptaschinski

Blake & Linda Tonn

Marco Tudjan

Mark & Susan Wilke

Jack & Linda Yuds

Ken & Judy Ireland

Richard Kinderman