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Inflation is still too high and pocketbooks across Wisconsin are feeling the squeeze. Mark fought hard this session to provide historic tax relief to Wisconsin families and businesses, and stopped Governor Evers' proposed $1 billion in tax increases. Thanks to Mark and his Assembly Republican colleagues, you can keep more of your hard-earned money when you need it the most.


All Wisconsinites deserve access to high-quality healthcare, and Mark is working to ensure they have it. Mark supported a state budget that benefits all Wisconsin residents, protects our most vulnerable, and supports those who take care of them. From our elderly, to new mothers, to those struggling with substance abuse, Mark fought hard to ensure the priorities of the people of Wisconsin are truly funded. 


Mark ran for office to make sure our streets are safe, and our kids can grow up in strong communities. Unfortunately, the far-left’s anti-law enforcement rhetoric and attempts to defund the police has caused many officers to leave the field, resulting in the lowest number of law enforcement officers working in Wisconsin in at least a decade. Mark knows how important it is to support those who put their lives at risk every day and has voted for policies that will recruit and retain more officers in our communities. 


With employers across our area begging for workers, Mark knows that getting people back into the workforce is a top priority. That’s why he supported the Stronger Workforce Initiative, a package of bills aimed at addressing the employee shortage and easing supply chain issues that are impacting families across Wisconsin. Mark knows it’s more important now than ever that we get people off the sidelines and back into the workforce.


Free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy. That’s why when concerns were raised over the 2020 election, Republicans acted quickly and authorized two investigations. These investigations found serious problems, which is why Mark supported nearly two dozen bills to reform and address these issues- including putting a stop to ballot harvesting and banning private money from being used to fund our elections.


Every child deserves access to the best possible education. Mark has continued to deliver on his promises and supported historic investments in our schools, prioritized student mental health, and fought hard to ensure parents have choices and a seat at the table when it comes to their child’s education.


As we continue to recover from the past few years, Mark knows that raising taxes on hard working families is not the right answer. That’s why he stopped Governor Evers from increasing the gas tax and raising taxes by $1 billion, and instead voted for a budget that included the largest tax cut in state history. Mark knows that you know how to spend your hard-earned money better than the government and has consistently sent more money back to you and your family. 


Safe and reliable roads are essential for families, businesses, and our economy. Mark fought hard to secure $100 million more to fix our local roads and invested in our state highways to make sure communities can stay connected and goods can keep moving throughout Wisconsin. He supported a budget that invested substantially more in our roads than Governor Evers' proposal, all while reducing the amount of bonding so the cost isn’t passed onto future generations. 


While Governor Evers has tried to expand welfare and get rid of work requirements for public benefits, Mark passed a bill that focused on getting people back into the workforce. When nearly every business in our state has a “help wanted” sign hanging in the window, Mark knows we can’t afford to have anybody sitting on the sidelines. Work requirements and drug tests for those receiving your tax dollars are just a few of the other common sense reforms Mark has supported in the Assembly. 


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  • Joint Committee on Employment Relations

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