Born For 37th Assembly

Forward with a Common Sense Conservative

Legislative Committees

  • Joint Committee on Finance
  • Joint Audit Committee
  • Joint Legislative Council
  • Joint Committee on Employment Relations

past committees

  • ​Public Benefit Reform
  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage
  • State Capitol and Executive Residence Board
  • Rules
  • State Building Commission

Fighting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
You work hard for your money. Mark knows this and that is why he has consistently voted to make sure you keep more of it, while ensuring the government spends your tax dollars efficiently. He passed reforms to get individuals off the sidelines and back into the workforce as quickly as possible and voted for billions in tax cuts for middle class families, seniors, and small businesses.

Conservative Reforms

Mark helped stop the radical liberal agenda pushed by Governor Evers and Democrats in the legislature. He voted against DEI on college campuses, threw out Governor Evers tax and spend budget proposal, passed a ban on government dollars being used for gender reassignment surgeries, and voted to ensure girls aren't forced to compete against biological males in sports.

Election Integrity

Mark passed nearly two dozen election integrity reforms to ensure elections laws are followed correctly and to make it harder to commit election fraud. He defended Voter ID, and successfully amended our state constitution to ban Zuckerbucks and other private money from funding our elections in Wisconsin.

Reducing the Tax Burden for the Middle Class & Retirees

The family budget is being stretched by inflation caused by out-of-control spending in Washington. That’s why Mark consistently voted to cut taxes, including billions in tax relief for the middle class, seniors, and families with kids in childcare, and passed legislation eliminating burdensome taxes to help struggling small businesses. Mark knows that you know how to spend your money better than the government.

Supporting Police, Fire, and Emergency Services in our Community
Our communities provide important services that keep us safe, and rising costs are making everything more expensive. That's why Mark passed a critical increase in funding for local governments to ensure police, fire, and EMS services get the support they need.

Empowering Students and Parents
Ensuring kids have the opportunity for a great education is a top priority for Mark. That's why he voted to increase funding for schools, passed reforms to empower parents in their child's education, and expanded access to great schools for students across the state. It's important that students, teachers, and parents have the tools they need for students to succeed.

Getting People Off Welfare and Into the Workforce
Nobody should be sitting at home collecting government welfare with your hard-earned tax dollars when they can be in the workforce. Mark knows that there are thousands of jobs available in Wisconsin and that employers are begging for workers. That’s why he has consistently voted for policies to get people off the sidelines and back into the workforce as quickly as possible. 

Protecting Our Border
The southern border with Mexico is a disaster due to the failures of the Biden Administration. The invasion at the southern border puts our national security at risk, and has resulted in human trafficking crimes and fentanyl in our communities. That’s why Mark voted to support sending the WI National Guard to help southern states defend our border. Mark also passed a constitutional amendment to ban illegal immigrants from voting in our elections.

Prioritizing Rural Wisconsin

As a lifelong resident of the Beaver Dam area, Mark knows the challenges our local communities face. He delivered more funding for local roads, police, fire, and EMS services to help keep our streets safe. Mark knows making these investments will have a positive impact for our families, businesses, and communities.

Cracking Down on Crime
Mark ran for office to make sure our streets are safe. He knows that defunding the police is not what’s best for Wisconsin families. That’s why Mark supported bail reform to better protect our communities from dangerous criminals, as well as measures to increase penalties for reckless drivers and provide further funding to upgrade 911 infrastructure.


Inflation is still too high and pocketbooks across Wisconsin are feeling the squeeze. Mark fought hard this session to provide historic tax relief to Wisconsin families and businesses, and stopped Governor Evers' proposed $1 billion in tax increases. Unfortunately the Democrats think they now how to spend your money better than you.  Mark will keep fighting to return more money to you during these challenging inflationary times.  


All Wisconsinites deserve access to high-quality healthcare, and Mark is working to ensure they have it. Mark supported a state budget that benefits all Wisconsin residents, protects our most vulnerable, and supports those who take care of them. From our elderly, to new mothers, to those struggling with substance abuse, Mark fought hard to ensure the priorities of the people of Wisconsin are truly funded. 


Safe and reliable roads are essential for families, businesses, and our economy. Mark fought hard to secure millions more to fix our local roads and invested in our state highways to make sure communities can stay connected and goods can keep moving throughout Wisconsin. He supported a budget that invested more in our roads than Governor Evers' proposal, all while reducing the amount of bonding so the cost isn’t passed onto future generations.