Legislative Committees

  • Joint Committee on Finance
  • State Capitol and Executive Residence Board
  • Rules
  • Corrections Space Study

past committees

  • ​Public Benefit Reform
  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage
  • State Building Commission


  • Strengthening our workforce
  • Supporting local schools
  • Healthcare access and affordability
  • Reducing waste & fraud
  • Protecting our constitutional rights
  • Investing in infrastructure
  • Preserving our sporting heritage
  • Combating heroin/opiate epidemic
  • Shrinking government

Proven Results

Job creation and worker training initiatives championed by Mark helped pave the way to our state’s record low unemployment rate of 2.9%. More people are now working than ever before. Reducing taxes, balancing the budget, and fiscally conservative priorities helped us increase the state’s Rainy-Day Fund to record levels, while continuing to make strong investments in our top priorities.


Prioritizing Education

Mark supported a record increase of $636 million in education funding, so that our teachers and students have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. To help our struggling rural schools, Mark voted to increase sparsity aid and target more money to frugal, low spending schools.  He also voted to keep college affordable for hard-working Wisconsin families by continuing the tuition freeze at University of Wisconsin schools for another two years.

Encouraging Affordable Healthcare

Mark agrees Wisconsin needs to protect those with pre-existing conditions and make sure they have access to affordable healthcare. Letting small businesses pool resources to drive down costs will help make plans more affordable, so everyone can find a doctor that fits the needs of their family. Everyone deserves access to high-quality affordable health care.

Stopping Fraud and Waste in Welfare

You work hard for your money and Mark has been hard at work protecting your tax dollars from waste, fraud, and abuse. Mark believes help from the government should come with individual responsibility. By supporting drug testing, work requirements, and other reforms to our state assistance programs, Mark will continue to be a steward of your tax dollars.

Born For 39th Assembly

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